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Dress Approriate


Business Etiquette

 ‘Look’ the part and choose clothes that function for your lifestyle, roles and desired goals.

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 Communicate attitudes towards others non-verbally to establish  interpersonal relationships.

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The role of manners in business. One of the most essential skill to success in today’s time.

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Dress Authentic

Presentation Skills

 Find comfort and confidence in your OWN ‘personal style’ that reflects both – your personality and purpose!

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Master the art to present with finesse, poise and professionalism.

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 Learn the rules of phone, email, LinkedIn and other social media to manage your techno impression.

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Body Language at workplace

 Style clothes and choose accessories that fit and flatter your body’s shape and reflect your attitude.

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 Body Language in Business, Sales and Negotiations at workplace.

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 Impress your friends. Learn the art of wining, dining and entertaining.

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