Personal style puts the focus on “YOU”

Dress Authentic – Know your Personal Style

We are writing this as a follow up to our previous article – Dress Appropriate. For those who our visiting this space for the first time, I request you read our dress appropriate article here.

personal style

 All human beings are unique with unique looks, unique taste  and choices and off-course unique Personal Style. Personal Style gives you the freedom to select clothing pieces which reflect the real you. Most people wear certain clothes as a social obligation and they feel terribly uncomfortable. Usually people think that if they dress appropriately they will feel uncomfortable. However the fact is, one can be appropriately dressed AND comfortable at the same time – this comes through Personal Style. Personal style is about knowing your clothing preferences and we call this “Dress Authentic.”

 Personal style puts the focus on the person i.e. YOU.

Dress AuthenticIt is imperative to select your clothing in harmony with your lifestyle and personal style. It is evaluated based on your personality traits, body build and clothing preferences. Personal style is evident in the usual clothes you choose to wear and the way you usually choose to wear them. This is not about fashion – Personal  Style is all about the wearer of fashion and what is happening inside her /him.  It’s not just the clothes that count, it’s the way you wear them—YOUR way. Style is attitude.

Personal style is the key to being comfortable and yet appropriate.

style-medIt helps you stand out and create your own mark. There is always something unique about the way you dress up. It could be a certain color, fabric, clothing or accessory piece. Personal style may reflect a woman as demure, sportive, and romantic or a mix of two traits. A man’s personal style may project him as being macho or mellow, traditional or trendy, shabby or sharp. Personal style is a reflection of your lifestyle and individuality.

When you know what your style is, you project it confidently and you behave in line with it. This in turn, allows you to interact with others and generate responses from them, giving you the results you desire. It is easy to dismiss clothing as superficial, but on the contrary, what we wear has an impact on our self-perception and that is turn drives our behaviour. That us why actors wear costumes to get into their roles and stay in character.

 Developing a personal style is a salute to what makes each of us different and unique!!


cropped-9x5-logo.jpg9×5 Programs are a series of 9 programs – each designed to help you master one element of your image and its related tools and techniques. Each individual is at different stage of  their personal and professional growth journey, so the requirement of each will also be different. Hence, based on our years of experience and feedback from our clients,  we have designed 9 self-contained learning program , each with its defined objectives and goals. This will help you to mix-n-match programs as per your specific needs – one element at a time.

Tip: Discover your own individual style and achieve a more sophisticated #image and an empowered sense of #style. Become comfortable with your image from the inside out – You no longer have to buy someone else’s taste, ask someone else to pick out your clothes, or drape yourself in designer labels to feel secure.



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